Windows 98 Setup

To setup an Internet Navigator dialup connection on Windows 95, 98 or ME, please follow the directions below:

  1. Open the My Computer icon by double-clicking on it.

  2. Open up Dial-Up Networking by double-clicking the Dial-Up Networking icon in the My Computer Window.

    NOTE: If Dial-Up Networking is not available, you will need to install it using the Add/Remove Programs control panel.
  3. In the Dial-Up Networking window, double-click on "Make New Connection". If there are no current connections, the New Connection Wizard may appear automatically.

  4. In the Welcome to Dial-Up Networking, click Next.
    NOTE: If no modem has been configured (or installed), you will be brought to the Install New Modem Wizard, and will need to install and configure your modem.
  5. In the Make a New Connection window, type INAV in the "Type a name for the computer you are dialing:" field.
    Verify that the correct modem is selected from the list.
    Click Next to continue.

  6. On the next window, enter the correct telephone number into the field, making sure NOT to enter an Area Code. Entering an Area Code could cause you to receive long-distance charges from your telephone carrier. Click Next to continue.

  7. On the next screen click Finish.
  8. You will be brought back to the Dial-Up Networking folder. Right-click on INAV icon and select Properties.

  9. In the INAV dialog box, uncheck the "Use country and area code". Click on the Server Type button.

  10. In the Server Types dialog box, verify the following:
    • In the drop-down list "Type of Dial-Up Server" make sure "PPP: Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, Internet" is selected.
    • Under Advanced Options make sure "Enable software compression" is the only option checked. · Under Allowed network protocols make sure only "TCP/IP" is checked.
    • Click on TCP/IP Settings

  11. On the TCP/IP Settings dialog box, verify the following:
    • Verify that "Server assigned IP address" is selected.
    • Verify that "Server assigned name server addresses" are selected.
    • Verify that both "Use IP header compression" and "Use default gateway on remote network" are checked.
    • Click OK
    • In the Server Types dialog box click OK again.
    • In the INAV dialog box, click OK again.
  12. In the Dial-Up Networking dialog box, double-click on the "Internet Navigator" icon. Provide your remote access User name and Password. Then click the Connect Button.