Hosting Help

Uploading your Webpage

To upload files to your web space:

  1. Open your FTP client and enter your host name, username, and password.
    • Your username and password were established when you set up your account
    • For old INAV accounts, the host name will be "www." followed by the suffix of your e-mail address (ie.,,,
    • For current packages, web space is only available if you have your own domain. In this case, the host name will be "www.<your domain name>"
  2. Once you have established a connection, browse to the location on your local computer's hard drive where the files to be uploaded are located.
  3. When uploading, keep the following in mind:
    • If you are uploading a web page, and if you see a folder labeled "public_html," you must upload your files to that folder for them to be visible.
    • FTP transfers can be either ASCII (for text files) or Binary (for most other files.) While most modern FTP clients can detect the required format automatically, if you are having difficulty uploading a file you may want to manually set the transfer mode.